January 23

Catherine Scheer (Heidelberg)

"Contested Ontologies: Navigating indigenous rights and reformist sermons in Cambodia's highlands.

5-7 pm, Werkstattgebäude, Institute of Anthropology

Vortrag Scheer - 23.01

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Februrary 06

Achim Bornhoeft (Salzburg)

"Unsere Natur.

17-19 Uhr, Werkstattgebäude, Institute of Anthropology

Vortrag Achim Bornhoeft 06.02.2018

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Program Colloquium Winter 17/18
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Welcome to the Institute of Anthropology

Two of the four chairs in social and cultural anthropology in Heidelberg –  Prof. Hornbacher and Prof. Sprenger – are lodged at the Institute of Anthropolohy, as well as the programme coordinators for the BA and MA, the examination office, the office for internships and for the Erasmus exchange programme and the student representatives. Most of the teaching, as well as departmental seminars and film showings take place at the institute. Our exchange programme with Indonesia offers our students opportunities for studying and acquiring experiences in ethnographic field research abroad. The Department currently has about  700 students.

New Publications:

Parts and Wholes

Parts and Wholes - Essays on Social Morphology, Cosmology, and Exchange in Honour of J.D.M. Platenkamp

Edited by Laila Prager, Michael Prager and Guido Sprenger

Münster: Lit., ISBN 978-3-643-90789-9.


The Materiality and Efficacy of Balinese Letters

The Materiality and Efficacy of Balinese Letters

Edited by Richard Fox & Annette Hornbacher

Leiden: Brill, ISBN 978-90-04-32681-1.


Animism in Southeast Asia

Animism in Southeast Asia

Edited by Kaj Arhem & Guido Sprenger

London: Routledge , ISBN 978-0-415-71379-5.


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