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Two of the four chairs in social and cultural anthropology in Heidelberg –  Prof. Hornbacher and Prof. Sprenger – are lodged at the Institute of Anthropolohy, as well as the programme coordinators for the BA and MA, the examination office, the office for internships and for the Erasmus exchange programme and the student representatives. Most of the teaching, as well as departmental seminars and film showings take place at the institute. Our exchange programme with Indonesia offers our students opportunities for studying and acquiring experiences in ethnographic field research abroad. The Department currently has about  700 students.




   News & Events:

Vortrag Castillo Small-p1

October 25, 2016

Rosa Cordillera Castillo, Universität Berlin

Becoming a tidtu a Muslim (a true Muslim):
Religious and moral subjectivities caught between
adat and
the MILF Islamic renewal in Southern Philippines

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 5-7 pm
Institute of Anthropology - Werkstattgebäude

Vortrag Kuehling JPG

Lecture July 5, 2016

Susanne Kühling (Regina, Kanada) und Regina Knapp (Leipzig)

Kula Tausch 2016 - Forschungsergebnisse einer Südsee-Expedition unter neuen Vorzeichen

Tuesday, July 5, 5-7 pm
Institut für Ethnologie - Werkstattgebäude


Workshop Juni JPG


Sarah Fritsch and Irene Ortiz

Nonverbale und Interkulturelle Kommunikation

June 17 and June 18, 10 am - 5 pm
Institut für Ethnologie - Werkstattgebäude


Vortrag Fox JPG

Lecture June 21, 2016

Richard Fox (Heidelberg)

Etymology is not Destiny - Moments of Indeterminacy on an Indonesian Island

Tuesday, June 21, 5-7 pm
Institute of Anthropology - Werkstattgebäude


Vortrag Rottenburg JPG

Lecture June 7, 2016

Prof. Dr. Richard Rottenburg (Halle)

How Infrastructures of Evidence-Making Do Onto-Epistemological Work on the Future

Tueday, June 7, 5-7 pm
Institut für Ethnologie - Werkstattgebäude


Spülbeck JPG

Lecture May 25, 2016

Dr. Susanne Spülbeck, Ethnologin und Geschäftsführerin blickwechsel GmbH

Organisationsethnologie in der Praxis: Warum Ethnolog*Innen in der Organisationsberatung den Unterschied machen

Wednesday, May 25, 2016  - 1-3 pm
Institut für Ethnologie - Werkstattgebäude


Institutskolloquium SS2016 neu JPG

Programme Summer 2016

Departmental Seminar

Every other Tuesday - 5-7 pm
Institute of Anthropology - Werkstattgebäude




Vortrag Salmond-p1

Lecture May 10, 2016

Amiria Salmond, University of Cambridge

Difference, Differently - Ontology and Other Matters

Tueday, May 10, 5-7 pm
Institut für Ethnologie - Werkstattgebäude


Vortrag Hansjörg Dilger-p1

Lecture April 26, 2016

Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Dilger (FU Berlin)

Ethics, Epistemology and Ethnography: Ethical review
boards and the special case of Germany

Tuesday, April 26, 5-7 pm
Institut of Anthropology - Werkstattgebäude



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