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B.A. Anthropology

Programme Coordinators

Dr. Hans-Martin Kunz
Institute of Anthropology, Room 109
Phone: +49-6221-54-2266  
Visiting hours

Dr. Roman Sieler
South Asia Institute, Room 504
Phone: +49-6221-54-8838   
Visiting hours

Please contact our progamme coordinators:

• if you have questions regarding the curriculum, degree requirements, scheduling, application etc.
• for the accreditation of courses from other departments
• for the application of your Bachelor thesis

General information

The subject matter of the BA Anthropology is the comparative study of social and cultural difference, and the theories and methods of this and related disciplines. We are especially interested in similarities and differences in social relations. We investigate what happens when culturally specific modes of thought, values and practices are transferred to other contexts. 


Lsf2Please have a look at the information system of Heidelberg University if you want to know which courses are offered in the Bachelor's Programme at the present term.


In the Icon Pdf module handbook (German) you will find a detailed description of the structure and aims of the BA Anthropology.

Core areas of teaching

The broad and interdisciplinary oriented BA includes courses on ritual and performance, medical anthropology, media anthropology and relations between humans and the environment and political ecology. Further subjects are kinship and intercultural ethics, theories of exchange, urban anthropology and transcultural theory.

Admission & Application

Since winter 2012 onwards, admission only can be given for the new BA Anthropology.

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