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Heidelberg Ethnology is a peer-reviewed Occasional Paper Series devoted to the publication of new and innovative research in socio-cultural anthropology [more...].

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Cultural Anthropology in Heidelberg

Heidelberg has four professorships in ethnology, two at the Institute of Anthropology, one at the Department of Anthropology at the South Asia Institute in Heidelberg and one at the Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies (associated with the Institute of Anthropology. They coordinate the BA and one MA jointly. The geographical areas of expertise of staff at the Institute of Ethnology are Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania. Through the South Asia Institute, students have access to a broad range of courses on the culture, history, literature, politics and economy of the region. The cluster of excellence „Asia and Europe in a Global Context: Shifting Asymmetries in Cultural Flows“ provides possibilities for becoming involved in interdisciplinary, international research on East Asia and South Asia, as well. Students are encouraged to complement their regional expertise with language skills. The Institute of Ethnology offers courses in Bahasa Indoensia, Thai and Tok Pisin, and many South Asian languages are taught at the South Asia Institute. Through existing partnerships and research contacts, we are able to offer students supervised internships in a broad range of countries and organisations as well as academic exchange programmes. der Dozenten ermöglichen Studierenden die Teilnahme an betreuten Praktika und internationalen Austauschprogrammen.

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