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Dr. Roos Gerritsen


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I am an anthropologist whose research focuses on popular visual culture, media, food, urban spaces and the senses in south India.

My current project a ‘Taste for Change’ explores new urban food practices in India. It looks at new hands-on, small-scale food initiatives and everyday practices in South India that aim to rethink the role of food in everyday life. This project in South India investigates the ways in which these practices relate to imaginations of a better past, present, and future in everyday urban life and in what way pleasures and the senses interrelate to notions of sustainability, health, and wellness. It uses a combination of multimodal methodologies that attend to the sensorial experiences of urban life. This interest in methodology and multimodal representational forms has been present since my PhD work in which I extensively used photography as topic as well as method of research. It has also materialized in various non-standard academic publication forms and in exhibitions and art workshops that I have organized or been involved in.

My PhD research dealt with Tamil fan clubs and the production, dissemination, and consumption of cinematic imagery of movie stars. This research looked into the role of such fan imagery in the formation of cinematic publics as well as individual fan careers by empirically investigating the ways in which visual technologies have been deployed at the level of grassroots or vernacular politics. Other important foci of her research situate these vernacular fan images into neoliberalism and neoliberal publics that seemed to have indicated a shift in the use of public space. The book manuscript is currently under contract at an international university publisher. I am extending my research focus on the ‘fringes’ of the movie industry by investigating the everyday urban lives of extras and junior artists in the Tamil movie industry.




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Book chapters

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Thematic interests

  • Anthropology of South Asia
  • urban cultures
  • popular cultures
  • urban aesthetics
  • material and visual culture
  • vernacular politics
  • sustainability consumption
  • everyday utopias

Regional foci

  • South Asia (particularly South India)
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