Exchange & International Students

We offer a minimum number of two courses in English on BA level each term for international exchange students who don't speak German. In adition to that we also give you the possibility to visit some of our master's courses which are usually being taught in English. However, in order to enroll into the BA Anthropology as a non-exchange student, German language knowledge is required. Only our master's program is open to international students without German language knowledge.


Heiquality Akk Urkunde Ba Ethnologie Neu

The B.A. Anthropology has secured accreditation
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B.A. Anthropology

Ba Ethnologie 2014 English

Programme Coordinator

Lukasz Siegwald, M.A.

Please contact our progamme coordinator

• if you have questions regarding the curriculum, degree requirements, scheduling, application etc.
• for the accreditation of courses from other departments
• for the application of your Bachelor thesis

General Information

The Bachelor‘s Programme in Anthropology provides a broad and critical overview of the history and becoming of the discipline of anthropology as well as the opportunity to specialize in a variety of thematic and regional areas. The programme is characterized by a combination of theoretical research with practice-oriented approaches. Designed to provide students with a first academic degree, the BA Programme intends to equip students with fundamental scientific skills and professional knowledge to thereby qualify them for independent academic work. Language of instruction is German and English.

The focus of the Bachelor‘s Programme in Anthropology is cultural difference and practice in local and global contexts. Our aim is to provide students with an anthropologically informed description and understanding of commonalities and differences of human ways of life and thinking. This includes in particular the ability to critically question seemingly universal models of thought, value orientations, and practices. Throughout the course, students are provided with a comprehensive grounding in classical as well as contemporary debates in social and cultural anthropology and are introduced to the distinctive research methods of the discipline.




Please have a look at the information system of Heidelberg University if you want to know which courses are offered in the Bachelor's Programme at the present term.

Modulhandbuch Ba Ethnologie

In the Icon Pdf module handbook (German) you will find a detailed description of the structure and aims of the B.A. Anthropology.




Anthropology at Heidelberg University

Anthropology at Heidelberg University is located at three institutes and thus offers a wide range of possibilities: The Institute of Anthropology, the Department of Anthropology at the South Asia Institute, and the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology at the Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies. While the Institute of Anthropology focuses on Southeast Asia and Oceania, the South Asia Institute with its eight departments offers a comprehensive curriculum on the cultures, histories, literature, politics and economy of the South Asian region. In addition the Karl Jaspers Centre, with its focus on transcultural studies, offers students avenues for comparison with East Asia and access to current, innovative, and internationally linked research. Students of the MA in Anthropoloogy can also take courses offered by the programmes 'Master of Health and Society in South Asia' located at the South Asia Institute and the 'Master of Transcultural Studies' offered by the Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies.

Regional and Theoretical Foci

Anthropology in Heidelberg offers a wide spectrum of theoretical fields with the core areas Ritual and Performance, Medical Anthropology, Media Anthropology, Political Ecology (environment) and Nature-Culture relations. Further foci are Intercultural Ethics, Migration and Urban Anthropology, Transcultural Studies, Social Structures, Gender, and the Anthropology of Aging. Regional specializations include South Asia, South East Asia and Oceania. There exist numerous possibilities to learn other European and Non-European languages. The Institute of Anthropology offers introductory courses in Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Tok Pisin while the South Asia Institute offers numerous South Asian languages.

Admission & Application

Admission to all Bachelor's Courses in Anthropology is not limited. German students have to apply online.

International students must apply through the International Relations Office. Further details and information about international applications can only be given by the International Relations Office.

Please note:
Subject to the senate's decision future studies in BA-Ethnologie will only be possible at the beginning of the winter term!

(as at november 2019)

Click here for further information concerning the application procedure or contact the programme coordinators.

Part-time Studies

There exist the opportunity to enroll in a Bachelor's Course in Anthropology on a part-time basis -  at the beginning as well as during an ongoing full-time course of studies. More information concerning the part-time studies at Heidelberg University here.

If you are interested in a part-time course of study or if you have other questions concerning this opportunity, please contact the programme coordinator.

Lukasz Siegwald, M.A.

First of all, you apply regularly for the Bachelor's Programme in Anthropology (see Admission and Application). Furthermore, you compile a schedule of studies with the aid of the part-time studies coordinator. With enrolment you hand in your accepted and signed schedule as well as the application for a part-time course of study at the Central Student Administration.

There exists also the possibility to switch over to a part-time course of study during an ongoing full-time course of study. In this case, you have to hand in your signed schedule of studies and the application for a part-time course of study during the re-registration period.

Forms / Downloads

Application Form for the Final Written Exam / BA-Thesis (BA 75 %)
Application Form for the Final Oral Exam (BA 50%)

Anmeldung Pflichtpraktikum

Examination Regulations




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