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Information on the present state of the library of the field of Socio-Cultural Anthropology


The holdings of the former Library of the Institute of Anthropology can be found completely in the University Library (UB). The books and journals are accessible and can be borrowed there according to the regulations of the UB.

All students and employees can actively assist in building up the library stock of anthropological publications: If a medium is permanently lent out, or is not available for other reasons, you can let us, the CATS library or the UB (= University Library) know, so that the medium can be purchased.

Frequently borrowed works are normally ordered in multiple copies by the UB.

Moreover, you can recommend the purchase of important books to us, the CATS library or the UB. (You will find a form on the websites of the UB and the CATS library).

Should you have any ideas or suggestions concerning important books, do not hesitate to inform us or the UB about your requests – we will consider and grant them if possible. Monthly lists of the latest acquisitions of the UB and the decentral libraries can be found under the sub-point  "Neuerwerbungen".

Anthropology Adviser at the UB and Co-director of the CATS-library:

Dr. Eleonore Schmitt
Voßstraße 2, Building 4110
D-69115 Heidelberg
Tel. +49-6221-54 15051

Stocks of Anthropology at the UB


The anthropological book collections can be found in five areas:

1. In the reading room of the UB you will find basic anthropological works and reference works under LSA Et (reference library; it is not possible to lend these books).

2)    The collection of anthropological textbooks is on the first floor of the UB (N 01 – N 03). There you can find multiple copies of important works for your studies. This stock can be borrowed and will be supplemented according to current needs (new titles, more copies).

3)    You will find anthropological books in the open access library for monographs. The ‘old’ stocks, namely the books and periodicals of the former Institute Library, can be found from sections 2008 A 12460 to 2008 A 19301 and 2008 B 1059 to 2008 B 1436, in exactly the order of the previous systematic listing. (For your orientation you can take a look at the earlier list at the institute).

4)    The current issues of important anthropological journals of the UB and the former Institute Library are alphabetically organised in the journal display Et (first level) of the reading room. (It is not possible to lend these journals.). Bound volumes of journals from the former Institute Library are to be found in the magazine of the reading room (first level) under sections ZSA 7400B to ZSA 7432 B, and ZSA 4500 C to ZSA 4522 C. These can be borrowed. Because of their format, two journals are not freely accessible; they can be ordered via the “Heidi” catalogue (ZST 200 D and ZSA 9 GF).

5)    Due to lack of space, only publications of the last 20 years can be stored in the open access sections. Therefore, all earlier acquisitions, including anthropological books and journals, are stored in the deep stacks of the UB. They can be searched, ordered and borrowed via the electronic catalogue "Heidi".



Semester apparatuses in the Library


The semester-apparatuses can be set up by lecturers for their students in the CATS library. Semester apparatus mainly contain basic literature for the respective seminar. Since this literature shall be availabe for all seminar participants, these apparatuses cannot be lent out, but they can be consulted on site and you can make photocopies or scans if needed.

An Overview of all semester apparatuses informs you about all semester apparatuses and their sites.



Moodle is the central e-learning platform of the University of Heidelberg. This platform is used by lecturers to provide students with the materials for their courses.
To log in to Moodle, you need your URZ-ID (since WS 08/09 mostly the Uni-ID, which is on your CampusCard) or the 3-8 characters you got when you enrolled).



New acquisitions


General works in Socio-cultural Anthropology and works on regions beyond Asia are purchased by the UB and set up there. Lending is possible from both libraries according to the UB's terms of use.

In the CATS-library, all media are set up systematically. The Southasia section has in-house systematics; the Eastasia section uses the one of the Library of Congress. Details can be found here.

The new anthropological acquisitions of the UB will not be arranged by subject but in the order in which they are purchased (according to the numerus currens- paradigm). Therefore you might find a book of Physics, German Studies, Mathematics etc. next to an anthropological work. Hence it is recommended to search for the books via the HEIDI catalogue.
The lists of monthly acquisitions for the Department of Anthropology can be checked at the links provided.

Acquisition proposals for literature that is not available can be submitted online to the UB at the link provided:

Acquisition proposals for literature that is not available can be submitted online to the UB at the link provided.

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