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Internship & Exchange

Study-related stays abroad are an important qualification for later professional life and play a particularly important role for the academic success of students of socio-cultural anthropology. The Institute of Anthropology in Heidelberg encourages and supports students in various ways to facilitate study-related stays abroad.

Therefore we make the following offers:

                 1. Internship abroad (especially the compulsory internship
                     for the B.A. Socio-Cultural Anthropology)
                 2. Erasmus programme  & exchange programmes
                     of Heidelberg University
                 3. Indonesia-Exchange
                 4. Excursions & Field Schools

Many students have used one of these options for a study-related stay abroad during the ast years. To give you an overview, what these options could look like in detail, we have tried to document them since 2011.

For further information, please contact:

ERASMUS exchange programme

Lukiasz Siegwald. M.A.


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Internship Office

Lukasz Siegwald, M.A.


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Dr. Lany Probojo


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