Scott MacLochlainn

"Ethics of Abstraction:Anonymity and Death in thePhilippines"

Friday, 2pm - 3.45pm January 29, 2021 (ONLINE)

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inaugural issue of CATSarena online

The inaugural issue of CATSarena, the newsletter of the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS), is now online. It is focused on the topic of social distancing in Asia. Contributions range from on-site experiences of the Corona-pandemic in different parts of Asia, to essays on the cultural connotations of specific concepts of hygiene and historical considerations about how to wear masks.
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Tirthankar Chakraborty (SAI) 
& Alicka Machurich(IfE)

Report on the Survey of Sexual Harassmentand Assault at Heidelberg University.

December 12th, 5 pm

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Informationen WS 2020/21

Trotz der Pandemiekrise wird der Lehrbetrieb der Universität Heidelberg aufrechterhalten.

Die Institutsleitung möchte Sie daher über die an die Ausnahmesituation angepassten Studien- und
Prüfungsbedingungen am Institut für Ethnologie informieren.

Die Informationen für den BA-Studiengang und den MA-Studiengang entnehmen Sie bitte den folgenden Links:

BA-STudiengang Adobe

MA-Srudiengang Adobe

BA Erstsemester Adobe


Equal Opportunities

We are of course still there for you during the Corona pandemic! In case of problems with mobbing, stalking, sexual harassment, or consulting requests on these topics, you can still reach us via e-mail during office hours. We can then arrange a personal, telephone or video appointment. Obviously, the consultations will take place in compliance with the necessary distance and hygiene regulations. And data security is guaranteed with the university's video conferencing program. Certainly, we will continue to treat everything concerning these topics as confidential.

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Welcome to the Institute of Anthropology

Two of the four chairs in social and cultural anthropology in Heidelberg –  Prof. Hornbacher and Prof. Sprenger – are lodged at the Institute of Anthropolohy, as well as the programme coordinators for the BA and MA, the examination office, the office for internships and for the Erasmus exchange programme and the student representatives. Most of the teaching, as well as departmental seminars and film showings take place at the institute. Our exchange programme with Indonesia offers our students opportunities for studying and acquiring experiences in ethnographic field research abroad. The Department currently has about  700 students.

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